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Best practices in Instagram Usernames

You should always spend a bit of time choosing a username for social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube etc; and when you choose one you should stick with it, for EVERYTHING. I know it is difficult choosing a username as most of the more popular ones are being claimed.

Unless moderated by the actual social media service, these usernames will never become available again, even if the user stops using that service, or dies. Thus it makes the task of choosing a good, easy to remember username even harder, as time passes.

Finding you on social media SHOULD NOT BE A TASK THAT REQUIRES EFFORT! Here are some tips of things to consider when trying to come up with a quality, long-term username for Instagram, as well as all other social media outlets:


1. Choose an easy to remember, unique, easy to spell, short (as possible) username.

The username you settle on should follow the above as you want to make it as easy as possible for other users, friends and families to find you. If it is easy to remember AND easy to spell, it will minimise the chance of them not being able to find you, or them finding someone else by accident, instead of your account. If it is short, there is less for other users to remember, and thus makes it easier for them to find you.

2. Use the same username for ALL your social media platforms and emails etc.

Once you settle on a username that complies with the above point, make sure it is available for all the social media platforms you plan to use; Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr, Flickr etc. Even register email accounts at Gmail, Outlook etc. Start registering the username for all accounts IMMEDIATELY! This will save you from conflicting with another user which will cause confusion!

3. Your username should be for life. It is your brand. Work on it.

Like how Coca Cola (Coke) has branded itself, using that company name for many decades, you should also think of it in the same way. You need to work on it, and think of it as your own personal brand. Try not to change usernames, and if you REALLY have to only do it once or twice. When you change usernames, you pretty much abandon all previous work and effort you have put into it. There is nothing worse than having to track down someone who constantly changes usernames.


1. Don't use Underscores!


This is one of the single, most annoying things you can do when choosing a username. Even typing an underscore requires significantly more effort (on mobile anyway). You have to press up to three buttons just to get to the underscore keyboard button, and then press another few buttons to go back to the normal alphabet keyboard. People who use multiple underscores as well as people who use more than one underscore in a row aren't doing themselves any favours.

When more than one underscore is used in a row, users have to guess how many were used as there is no way of telling. This just makes it even more difficult for people to find you.

2. Don't use any consecutive repeating letters, characters or symbols!

If I have to count how many repeating letters, characters or symbols you have typed in a row, then you're making it too difficult for me to find you. If you MUST do this, don't ever use a letter, character, number, or symbol more than twice in a row. Better yet: STICK TO LETTERS ONLY.

3. Don't choose an offensive, or current fad word in your username!

Remember kids, your username should be something you use for the rest of your life and should not be something you'll be so embarrassed by, that you'll need to change it when the fad dies out. Think of it this way, if you can't tell your older sibling your username without them laughing, or tell a complete stranger your username without flinching, it's no good...
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This is my Nickname, had it for years

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I'm very lost

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