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DotA Fun hero names

Have you ever picked a hero and realized "this is not his name"? Besides all the fun you have playing DotA, you can also enjoy funny names on heroes sometimes, inspired on famous characters from movies and cartoons that everybody knows well. How many times did you watch the trilogy Lord of the Rings? Do you remember Gollum and Gandalf? They look pretty much like N'aix and Ezalor! There are many more coincidences and you will get to know them all here.

Let's start the game by picking Meepo, the Geomancer. This hero is one of the hardest in the game because you need a lot of control to play it when you reach level 16. Only a few professional players gave a shot to the hero and proved its strength when played correctly and "pwning" in some games, explaining the funny name "MeePwn" given to him.

By choosing a bigger hero but still following the name coincidence, we have Razor, or should we say Gillette? If you are a grown man and you shave yourself, you probably know this razor brand. In game, Razor is more about all the lightning stuff and you can only imagine him cutting heroes into pieces like a razor does with your beard.

Far away from all the electric damage and more to the power of light, Chen is one of the best support heroes on DotA but also one of the hardest with all the skills and neutral creeps control. Maybe this is the reason for him to be called "Jackie Chen" not only because of the name, but you need to be Ninja-skilled to play it perfectly. The other fun name "Chechen" might be another coincidence but all the Chechnya would make a good use of his healing skills.

Still talking about the healing subject, Enchantress is the chosen hero to mock players. Healing provided by little butterflies, appearance, all the nature and the "I'm gay" when you select the hero more than explain this point of view. To top them all, the funny name inspired on the cartoon Bambi makes Enchantress even more connected to the gay things about DotA. Now the paradox: how can a hero be that gay and harm so bad based on the distance it keeps from you when throwing spears?

Puck is another hero that people like to call gay but... Have you ever listened to all of his lines? In one of the last, he seems to be even more dangerous than all the Elder Dragon forms of Knight Davion and Jakiro. However, his funny name Kupu-Kupu is the Indonesian word for butterfly, clearly linked to his appearance and not to his "evil line". His last known funny name was Puck! and many believes that it comes from "F*ck!".

Back to Knight Davion, he also has a funny name based on a game character. Trogdor is a dragon with a very strong arm and in some instances, he carries a sword to slay his enemies. Knight Davion doesn't carry a sword while in his Elder Dragon form but that's the only difference between them.

Finishing the mythological talk and moving to something more actual, let's introduce a true hero in DotA: Superman, named Kal-El by his kryptonian fathers. Kael the Invoker seems to have no Kryptonite and also super powers against everyone. He is the only hero with ten different skills (instead of the usual four) making him almost impossible to be killed if you aren't prepared.... Just like Superman.

This one is not considered a true hero but he surely rules the Seven Seas... No, it's not Jack Sparrow although they look pretty much alike. He prefers to be called Kunkka or CoCo like his ghost ship. He will also answer you if called by his other name Daelin Proudmoore when its strength was being tested during beta stage.

One of the oldest funny names in DotA comes from a strong but underrated hero. Ursa Warrior, also known as Fuzzy-Wuzzy is called this way because of the black and fuzzy fur. It's not the most beautiful hero but compensates with the highest attack speed ever and the capacity of killing the powerful Roshan within seconds even at low level.

For those who believe in "tankers", Mogul Khan fits this profile perfectly and there would be no better second name like "Mogul Khant Touch This". It is really hard to "touch" him with the massive bonus armor provided by Berserker's Call and if you do, he will counter your attack making this hero a pain in the ass, especially against new players not used to his abilities.

Just like every interview coming to an end, you have the right to remember and quote important people in your life. As a tribute to an important contributor, Void is also named Gorzerk because of this guy who loves the hero and even in his profile he has the Faceless Void instead of his own picture.

This is the last one before closing the subject... Many players call Bone Fletcher by its funny name Clinkz Eastwood and don't even realize that his real name is actually Clinkz and it is based on Clint Eastwood, famous for acting in western films in the 1960s to 1980s. Both are good shooters but clinkz is more like an automatic machine under effect of strafe while Clint had a simple gun to kill the enemies.
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