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2021-04-07 12:28:38 sad_smile:(:
nice nick

2020-11-21 16:51:47 Dinesh priyan
Super mi

2019-05-29 05:42:34 _Dead_Girl_Sleep_Dead_Never_Wake_Up_Fake_Smile_To_The_World
A girl who you think is perfect but she's not until you see what happens at home! A girl who feels Dead, Just wants to sleep And never wakes up, Because everyone around her Doesn't care about her. And She feels alone even though she`s in a room with millions of people. She fakes a smile everyday And Hides Her true personality because she's scared to act herself without getting judge by the world. No One cares about her so there's no point of living right? When people come up to you and bullying you because Your being yourself! People make rumours up because they are jealous of you Or they hate you for no reason!. :( People have to idea what suicide is for a lot of people in the world, Unleash you been in it or You still dealing with it!!... Your all wondering who's the girl I'm talking about right? Well I'm that girl!!!!. Welcome to my club guys!! Suicide for life X_X

2019-01-20 17:19:57 Taureau
Hello 🌹